LOGO 2019

5 Steps to Getting Back on Track After the Holidays

By Kristy Warren

Overindulge a little over the holidays? Don't beat yourself up! Guilt gets you nowhere. Instead of shaming yourself for the extra pounds, be proactive and adopt these six healthy tips to get your fitness goals back on track.

  1. Leave the leftovers. Are grandma’s homemade cookies your biggest weakness? Get them out of the house after the party. If they’re not around to tempt you, you won’t eat them. Send tempting leftovers home with company, donate them, freeze them for later use, or compost them.

  2. Don’t skip meals. Skipping meals to "compensate" for overindulging can backfire in a big way. Cutting too many calories causes your body to go into survival mode where it will store more fat and break down muscle. 

  3. Schedule exercise. It can be hard to find motivation to work out after the hectic nature of the holidays, but by making time to get active, you’ll clear your head, relieve stress, and start your new year right. To make the transition a little easier, pick the type of exercise you enjoy the most and crank your favorite music.

  4. Skip the added sugar and alcohol. Everything in moderation as the saying goes—and after the excess of rich foods and beverages associated with the holidays, your digestive system needs a break. Aim to add more veggies, fruits, water, and healthy, lean protein to your diet as you recover from the holiday binge and leave the sugar and alcohol on the shelf.

  5. Scale back the carbs.  Scaling back carbohydrates can help with weight loss, but eliminating them completely is a bad idea. Dropping carbs entirely forces your body to burn the protein it needs to support lean muscle, and lean muscle burns more calories. Instead of eliminating all carbs, scale back the amount in your meal and aim to pair healthy wholegrain carbohydrates like wild rice, barley, or quinoa with lean protein and veggies for a balanced meal. 

  6. Stay hydrated. Want to feel better fast? Get your 8 – 10 glasses of water in each day. Water supports your metabolism, helps curb your appetite, aids in preventing and relieving constipation, and rids the body of excess sodium.

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