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Destroyers Baseball & Laurel Partner for Family Fun

By Kristy Warren

Want to hit a homerun in family fun this summer? The Mansfield Destroyers baseball team and the Laurel Health Centers are teaming up to bring America’s favorite pastime to the community all summer long. 

The Destroyers, part of a semi-pro collegiate summer league, will take the field for the first time in June 2019 and feature top athletes from around the country. To ensure the athletes stay safely in play, the Destroyers have partnered with the Laurel Health Centers to provide an expert team physician: sports medicine specialist Kyle Ungvarsky, MD. Dr. Ungvarsky is a board-certified sports and family medicine physician at the Mansfield Laurel Health Center with over 12 years of specialized training in sports injury prevention, evaluation, and treatment.

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From left, Kyle Ungvarsky, MD, Laurel Health Center Sports Medicine Specialist and official team physician; Don Lewis, President and Owner of the Mansfield Destroyers; and James A. Nobles, LHC President & CEO, pose with some of the therapy equipment Dr. Ungvarsky uses to treat and rehab sports-related injuries at the Mansfield Laurel Health Center.

“Having grown up with a love of medicine and playing sports, I found my passion in sports medicine. I understand firsthand the rigors of sport and the players’ desire to be at the top of their game, which helps me connect with my patients and their goals,” Dr. Ungvarsky explains. “I work diligently with athletes of all ages to prevent and rehab injuries, making it my personal goal to ensure they can return to play safely and quickly. I’m very excited to serve as team physician for the Mansfield Destroyers to help the athletes enjoy a successful, healthy season.”

Don Lewis, President and Owner of the Mansfield Destroyers, adds, “With his passion for sports medicine and extensive experience treating athletic injuries, Dr. Ungvarsky is the perfect fit for the Mansfield Destroyers’ official team physician. When I first met with Mr. James Nobles and Dr. Ungvarsky, I knew this first-class team is exactly what the Destroyers needed to stay healthy for our inaugural season on and off the field. I couldn't be prouder to be working with the Laurel Health Centers, and we hope to see everyone at Shaute Field on June, 6th for our inaugural season home opener!"

The Destroyers begin their inaugural season on June 6 when they face off against the Hornell Dodgers at Mansfield University’s Joseph Shaute field.

“The Mansfield Destroyers are a homerun for our community, and we’re thrilled to partner with them to keep the team safely in play and bring more family-friendly fun to our area,” says James A. Nobles, President & CEO of the Laurel Health Centers.

In addition to treating athletes of all ages, Dr. Ungvarsky evalutes and treats repetitive motion and exercise injuries. He also performs exams and personalized treatment for any issue or chronic pain keeping patients from doing the activities they love, be it walking, yoga, swimming, fishing, golf, or recreational hobbies. 

For more information on Dr. Ungvarsky or the Laurel Health Centers, call 1-833-LAURELHC or visit laurelhc.org. For more information on the Mansfield Destroyers, visit mansfielddestroyers.com.