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Nurse bandaging a smiling child after receiving his flu shot

Laurel Health Offers Flu Shots All October


By Kristy Warren


As the hit Hamilton would say, "don't throw away your shot!" this flu season. Along with frequent hand washing, a flu shot is your best shot to stay healthy this flu season. 


The Laurel Health Centers and Laurel Pediatrics are offering flu shots by appointment all October. With seven convenient locations throughout Tioga County, protection is only a call away.


With COVID-19 still spreading across the U.S., flu season is poised to be especially challenging this year. Ensure your family has peak protection by getting your flu shot this fall. October is the best time to be vaccinated for flu in our area to ensure protection lasts all flu season.


There are many strains of influenza (flu), and which types are most prevalent during flu season can change every year, so it’s important to get your flu shot annually. Flu shots can help prevent you from catching certain types of flu and make flu symptoms milder if you do catch it.


Help protect yourself and others from illness by getting your flu shot this fall, washing your hands frequently for 20 seconds, masking in public, and practicing social distancing with anyone who doesn't live in your immediate household (i.e., keeping six feet apart).


To schedule your flu shot, call the Laurel Health Center of your choice at 1-833-LAURELHC (1-833-528-7354) or Laurel Pediatrics at 570-724-7100. For a full list of LHC locations, click here.