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Everyone 16+ Can Now Schedule Their COVID-19 Vaccine!

By Kristy Warren


Everyone 16 and up can now schedule their COVID-19 vaccine in Pennsylvania, and the Laurel Health Centers have openings! You do not have to be a patient with us to schedule your vaccine, and it is at no cost to you. Because we use the Moderna vaccine, we are currently scheduling those 18+ (Pfizer is approved for 16+ and Moderna for 18+). We will keep the community updated on scheduling those under 18 when we receive Pfizer vaccine and when further pediatric guidance is issued. To make your COVID-19 vaccine appointment, call 1-833-LAURELHC (1-833-528-7354) or use our online form.  




Phase 2 (General Public): All Pennsylvanians aged 16 and up are now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine; Pfizer is currently approved for those 16+ while Moderna is approved for 18+.

Why 16 and up? The rigorous clinical safety trials for the U.S.-approved COVID-19 vaccines were initially studied in populations aged 16+. COVID-19 vaccination in children 15 and under is still being studied, and pediatric guidance will be issued once those studies have concluded. The Laurel Health Centers are giving the Moderna vaccine, so we are currently scheduling those 18 and up. If Moderna receives approval for use in those under 18 or we receive additional vaccine from Pfizer, we will update the community on our vaccine guidelines. 

SAFE & EFFECTIVE: The COVID-19 vaccines are safeeffective, and the key to getting our communities back to normal. Before being approved for use, they were rigorously studied and tested on thousands of volunteers, reviewed in-depth by top clinical experts around the world, vetted through all the same intensive vaccine clinical trials, and evaluated for safety for months ahead of approval. 

They have now been safely given to millions of people, and studies show that they confer significantly better protection against COVID-19.  

Have questions? We have answers you can trust. It's normal to be curious and even a little anxious about something new. Talk to our Laurel Health experts about any questions or concerns you have at 1-833-LAURELHC (1-833-528-7354). 


HOW THESE VACCINES WORK: Vaccines work by immunizing people against Coronavirus COVID-19—making them far less likely to catch it or experience severe symptoms if exposed to it. To stop an illness from spreading widely or mutating into new strains, a large enough section of the population must be immunized against it. Help us reach this level of protection by getting your COVID-19 shot as soon as you’re eligible. It’s safe, effective, and our best shot to beat COVID-19. The more people who are vaccinated, the more difficult it will become for the virus to spread, sicken, and kill our family, friends, and neighbors.




  • The approved vaccines are approximately 95% effective in preventing you from contracting COVID-19

  • Being vaccinated greatly reduces your risk for serious symptoms, complications, hospitalization, or death if you are in the 5% who still become infected with COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated

  • The vaccines teach your body how to effectively fight the virus without having to suffer through the symptoms or risk the complications / long-term problems associated with contracting COVID-19

  • Patients are screened to ensure it’s appropriate for them to receive the vaccine and monitored for 15-30 min afterward but allergic reactions to these vaccines are very rare

  • Potential side effects are generally mild (sore arm, fatigue) and resolve quickly, usually in 1-3 days; there have been no cases of long-term serious side effects

  • Most people can safely receive the COVID-19 vaccine, and the research shows that the benefit of being vaccinated far outweighs the much greater risk of contracting COVID-19 and developing serious complications, including chronic health issues, hospitalization, and death. 

  • All of the COVID-19 vaccines continue to be closely monitored for safety. Fortunately, severe reactions are very rare. If there is a concern over an adverse reaction to the vaccine, its use may be paused so that health and safety agencies can fully investigate the cause / circumstances and determine whether any changes in guidance are needed regarding who should receive said vaccine. For example, the Janssen vaccine is currently on hold out of an abundance of caution to investigate an adverse reaction in just 6 people out of the nearly 7 million doses administered without issue. This shows the U.S.'s rigorous vaccine safety monitoring is working, and Janssen will only resume use once the oversight agencies have confirmed it is safe to do so. 
  • The Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines use two doses to teach your body how to fight the COVID-19 virus effectively; the first shot helps your immune system learn to recognize the virus, and the second shot strengthens your immune response. The Laurel Health Centers are giving the two-dose Moderna vaccine. 


For more information about these vaccines and how they work, click here. To learn more about what to expect when receiving your vaccine, click here. 



To make an appointment when you’re eligible, call Laurel Health at 1-833-LAURELHC (1-833-528-7354) and select the center of your choice or use our online formYou do not have to be a Laurel Health patient to make an appointment. Second-dose appointments will be scheduled during your first-dose appointment; you do not have to re-enter the scheduling process or resubmit the registration form.


The Laurel Health Centers are now scheduling everyone 18 and up. We will keep you fully informed on our progress through the vaccination phases and any updates to our scheduling process via our social media and our website's news page.


The COVID-19 vaccines are our key to getting back to life as usual. Getting your COVID-19 vaccine now will get you back to the people, places, and things you love soonerUntil we're able to reach a majority level of immunity, we need to follow all COVID-19 preventive measures to help protect those who have not been vaccinated and to slow the spread of new, stronger COVID-19 variants.


Everyone should continue to:

  • Mask when in public

  • Wash their hands often

  • Avoid large gatherings

  • Physically distance at least 6 ft in public spaces and from those who are unvaccinated, high-risk, or outside the immediate household

  • Get their vaccine as soon as they're eligible


While we are making real progress in the fight against COVID-19, a fumble at the finish line can be very costly. Remember, all of these safety measures will remain vital to stopping surges until enough of the population can be safely immunized against COVID-19. At this time, everyone should continue to use all of these preventive methods, even if they've already been fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19. When enough of the population has been immunized, we will begin to see some of these restrictions loosen for vaccinated members, but for now, we must keep our guard up.


Thank you for helping us protect each other and our community!

COVID-19 Prevention Measures from CDC and PA DOH - Use Our Whole Toolkit - Handwashing, Masking, Social Distancing and Vaccine