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Special Insurance Enrollment May 3rd for Those with Qualifying Life Events

By Kristy Warren


When life changes, your health insurance needs can too. If you recently had a qualifying life event, you may be eligible to enroll in new health insurance on the the PA marketplace Pennie.com.


Qualifying events include:

  • Losing your existing health insurance (e.g., losing your employer-sponsored insurance or dependent coverage upon turning 26)

  • Moving to PA or to a new zip code in PA

  • Changes to your income or household that affect your coverage needs (e.g., marriage, divorce, a new child, a death in the family, loss of income, or income at / below federal poverty guidelines).


Need help determining if you qualify for special enrollment, picking a plan, or enrolling online? The Laurel Health Centers will hold a free enrollment event on May 3 from 9 am to 1 pm at the Laurel Health & Wellness Center, located at 40 West Wellsboro St. in Mansfield, PA. Our certified application counselor will help those with qualifying events review and sign up for a new plan. Registration required. To sign up for this event or to see if you qualify, call Carla Westlake, Outreach & Enrollment Coordinator, at 570-723-3424.




A qualifying life event refers to a life-changing situation that could affect someone's health insurance needs (e.g., giving birth or adopting a child who now needs health coverage). When someone experiences a qualifying life event, they are eligible for a special enrollment period and can select an individual or family insurance plan on the PA marketplace Pennie.com.


Special enrollments are different from the standard open enrollment period held each fall. Special enrollments require a qualifying life event to enroll whereas open enrollment refers to the time period when anyone can sign up for insurance through the PA marketplace (generally November to mid-December). 


There are many situations that alter our lives, so what counts as a qualifying life event? To learn more about the criteria for special enrollment and qualifying events, please watch the Pennie.com video below.



If you need help navigating Pennie.com, choosing a health plan, or determining if you’re eligible for additional financial assistance, Laurel Health counselors are available to support you and make the process less stressful. LHC counselors explain the basics, compare coverage, and empower patients to make informed decisions. If you've experienced a qualifying life event and need to update your insurance coverage,  call 570-723-3424


As federally qualified health centers (FQHC), the Laurel Health Centers provide expert care to all patients, regardless of their ability to pay, and offer free support services like insurance enrollment counseling and a sliding fee program to help patients maintain access to quality care.


Visit Pennie.com to review available plans, resources, and FAQs. To sign up for the May 3rd event or for more information on health plan enrollment, call Carla Westlake at 570-723-3424 today!