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Laurel Behavioral Health Outpatient Counseling

Laurel Behavioral Health Outpatient Counseling is about taking care of your mental health. Whether you or your loved ones are coping with a tragic loss, dramatic life change, or stressful situations, we're here to provide support and guidance.

Counseling, medication management, and psychotherapy are offered through the Laurel Health Centers to provide support and guidance for individuals facing stressful, confusing, or overwhelming life situations. Services include psychiatric and psychological evaluations; individual, marital, family, or group therapy; play therapy for children; and therapy for depression, anxiety, panic and eating disorders, and parent-child issues. For more information on Laurel Behavioral Health, call our outpatient office at 570-723-0620 or 1-833-LAURELHC.

Our Behavioral Health Team

  • James E. Manning IV, MD

  • Anne Anderegg, LCSW

  • Trisha McIlwain, LSW
  • Tyler Benelli, LCSW

  • Kathryn Brodrick, ACSW, LCSW
  • Gerald Cerrone, PhD

  • Lori Makos, LCSW
  • John McNassor, PhD

  • Jonelle Brennan, RN