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Julia York, Quality Manager Nurse, and Amy Bowens, Director of Operations, seated at Laurel Health's booth at the Women's Health & Resources Fair at Mansfield University with an LHC burgundy tablecloth, giveaways, pamphlets, and prizes

Laurel Health Highlights Women's Wellness at Mansfield University Fair

By Kristy Warren


Thank you to all the students who stopped by the Laurel Health Centers' booth at Mansfield University's Women's Health & Resources Fair on March 23, 2023.


Julia York, Quality Manager Nurse, and Amy Bowens, Director of Clinical Services, held an interactive health quiz with prizes, gave away goodies, and discussed women's wellness, including what conditions are more likely to affect women's health and the importance of age-based preventive screenings.


Every woman is unique, and so are her individual health needs. Staying on top of preventive wellness screenings helps you better know your own body and take control of your health.


Did you know women are more likely than men to develop certain health conditions? Women are at higher risk for developing arthritis, osteoporosis, stroke, heart disease, and breast cancer. Early symptoms are easy to miss, and women may experience those symptoms in different ways than men. Yearly wellness care is vital to spotting potential problems early.


Your health needs and risks also change as you age. Wellness exams help establish what’s normal for your body, monitor changes over time, identify personal risk factors, and offer an important opportunity to discuss your family history with your provider. Age-based screenings empower you to be proactive about your health at any age and take steps toward a healthier, happier you!  


Laurel Health takes a holistic approach to care, focusing on your physical, mental, and emotional needs as well as how those needs connect and overlap to shape your overall well-being.


Do you need a family medicine provider? Click here to visit our Laurel Health provider directory where you can search for a healthcare professional who will meet your needs, including family medicine, primary care, nutrition, mental health, dental care, and specialty services.


Looking to schedule a wellness screening? Click here for a full list of Laurel Health locations and contact information. We offer comprehensive health services for all ages. If cost is a barrier to your wellness care, ask about our sliding fee program, which helps income-eligible patients with healthcare costs like co-pays and deductibles.