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Free Deterra Drug Deactivation Kit Pouch - Available at the Laurel Health Centers

Laurel Health Offers Free Kits for Safe Drug Disposal

By Kristy Warren


Have unused or expired medications sitting in your medicine cabinet?Safely dispose of them at home with a Deterra Drug Deactivation kit. The Laurel Health Centers offer free Deterra Drug Deactivation kits at all six sites, thanks to a special grant by the AmerisourceBergen Foundation. To arrange pickup, simply call your local Laurel Health Center or request a Deterra kit at your next appointment.




It's important to dispose of drugs safely and appropriately. Simply flushing them down a toilet or throwing them away can cause serious environmental pollution. Prescription drug abuse is also on the rise; keeping unneeded prescriptions in your medicine cabinet or simply tossing them out can accidentally contribute to drugs ending up on the streets and illicit drug abuse.

Deterra Drug Deactivation Kit Pouch

The Deterra kit is an easy at-home solution to get rid of expired or leftover drugs. It uses activated carbon to neutralize pills, capsules, patches, and liquid drugs, rendering them ineffective then safely sealing them away in a disposable pouch to prevent environmental pollution and illicit use. Conveniently and safely dispose of drugs in three easy steps:


1) Place the unwanted medication in the provided pouch then fill it halfway with warm water.

2) Wait 30 seconds then seal and gently shake the pouch.

3) Dispose of the sealed pouch in the trash.

“Like many areas across the U.S., prescription drug abuse is an increasing problem in Tioga County,” explains Colleen Kriner, Risk Manager for the LHCs. “Unused prescriptions found in medicine cabinets or the trash can end up back on the street, and flushing drugs pollutes the environment. To help our community properly dispose of old medications, we’ve introduced free Deterra pouches. These kits can neutralize pills, capsules, powders, liquids, creams, and drug patches to be safely thrown away in the trash."


In addition to Laurel Health's drug deactivation kits, Tioga County residents can participate in National Takeback Day events on Saturday, April 24th or drop off old or unneeded medication year-round at a designated takeback location. Click here for a full list of takeback locations throughout the county. 


Note: The Laurel Health Centers are currently distributing Deterra Drug Deactivation kits for pick-up by appointment due to strict COVID-19 prevention protocols. Anyone is welcome to request a Deterra kit from any Laurel Health Center by calling their local center to arrange a pick-up date / time. Patients may also request one during an appointment at their Laurel Health Center. 


For more information or to find the center closest to you, call 1-833-LAURELHC (1-833-528-7354) or click here for a full list of Laurel Health locations.