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COVID-19 Vaccines are important part of stopping COVID-19

COVID-19 Vaccine Guidelines Expand

By Kristy Warren


The Pennsylvania Department of Health has updated its vaccine rollout guidelines to expand the first phase of COVID-19 vaccine scheduling, known as Phase 1A. The Laurel Health Centers are aware of these changes and have been working hard behind-the-scenes for months to prepare for the vaccine rollout. We are partnering closely with local agencies to distribute vaccines as quickly and efficiently as possible as they become available.


Due to the current limited supply of vaccine, Pennsylvania has established a phased rollout plan that ensures the people most at risk for COVID-19 exposure and serious complications receive the vaccine first (e.g., healthcare workers, seniors, and those with underlying health conditions). The rollout is split into two main phases:

  • Phase 1: People most at risk for exposure / complications

  • Phase 2: The general public (aged 16+)


Currently, Tioga County is working through Phase 1A. The Laurel Health Centers' first shipment of COVID-19 vaccine was received mid-January and was used to vaccinate our local healthcare workers; we are currently pending additional vaccine.




1A: Healthcare workers, long-term care residents, seniors 65+, those aged 16-64 with high risk chronic conditions like COPD, cancer, and kidney disease

1B: Frontline workers in grocery stores, public transit, manufacturing, agriculture, etc., people in congregate care settings, and individuals caring for those in daycare or adult daycare programs

1C: Industry workers in food service, construction, energy, public safety, transportation, etc.

Phase 2: All other members of the general public aged 16 and up

Why 16 and up? Because the rigorous clinical safety trials for the two approved vaccines were studied in populations aged 16+. COVID-19 vaccination in children 15 and under is still being studied, and pediatric guidance will be issued once those studies have concluded.

To find your COVID-19 vaccine category and a full list of who is included in each phase, visit the PA Dept. of Health website at health.pa.gov.



We understand that you may be anxious to know more about when the vaccine will be available to you and your loved ones. Laurel Health will reach out to first-phase patients directly to schedule appointments upon receiving additional doses. 


The Laurel Health Centers will keep you fully informed on our progress through the vaccination phases and any updates to our scheduling process via our social media and our news page.  


For more information about the vaccine and how it works, click here. For updates on our vaccine roll out, stay tuned to laurelhc.orgFor information on the different tools we can use to protect ourselves from COVID-19, please see the infographic below provided by the CDC. 

COVID-19 Prevention Measures - Use Our Whole Toolkit - Handwashing, Masking, Social Distancing and Vaccine